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Half Day or Full Day Kyoto city Scooter Tour

1 night and 2 days Kyoto wide area Moto Tour

2 nights and 3 days Kansai region Moto Tour

3 nights 4 days or more Wider Area Moto Tour

Select by Destination

Going to see spectacular view which can be seen on a limited day

Experience Japanese traditional art craft and history

Experience local real life

Going to the place to take photos of the most spectacular scenery

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Going to a hot spot where local riders in Kyoto go.

Go to experience Japan’s four seasons with all your senses.

Going to the end of the pass to see the spectacular view of nature.

Visiting a beautiful small country town

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Riding pleasure is a priority.

Enjoy sightseeing with no rush while riding at a leisurely pace.

Experience and visit as much as possible.

Pursue the Journey in Japan to feel the nature and the four seasons.

Enjoy gourmet and atmosphere of Kyoto

Local Cuisine

Bento Box (Japanese box meal)

Vegetarian Cuisine

Kaiseki Cuisine (Tea-Ceremony Dishes)

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Accommodations with hot springs

Accommodations with well-reputed cuisine

Accommodations of historic Japanese architecture

Accommodations where you can enjoy walking around the city at night

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Enjoy Solo Touring

A detour is also my route

Enjoy exploring an unknown place

Sightseeing at own pace

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Choose a bike you’ve never ridden before.

Choose the right bike for your destination.

Choose a bike that won’t worn you out over long distances.

Choose a bike that fits your physique.