Regarding Insurance & Collision Damage Waiver

Contents are as below

The following insurance is included in the basic tour fee

Third party bodily injury/death per personUnlimited
Third party property damage per occurrenceUp to 10 million yen (Deductible 50,000 yen)
Third party bodily injury/death per personUp to 5 million yen per person.
Limited to disability or death.
Motorcycles of 50cc and below excluded.
In case of rental vehicle’s theftCompensation covers 50% of the current motorcycle’s market value
Non-Operation ChargeIf you can bring the motorcycle tothe shop by yourself /20,000 yen.
If you cannot bring the motorcycle byyourself / 50,000 yen+ tow truck charges
Toll road fee for transportation is customer’s charge
※In case of arranging special carrier, it will be charged to customer.

In the unlikely event of an accident, we will request compensation if the rented vehicle cannot be rented again for repair. This non operation charge will be billed to the customer.
Also, riding with mirrors, blinkers, headlights or other security components in a damaged, broken or missing state is not only legally punishable, but also extremely dangerous. In the event of such an accident, make sure to call a wrecker. Even in case of a return by forcibly driving in above conditions, you may be charged a 50,000 yen non operation charge based on the damage standard.

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)

Collision Damage Waiver is already included in a basic tour fee.(Deductible per Occurrence)

P-1~P-2¥10,000 Deductible
P-3~P-4¥50,000 Deductible
P-5~P-8¥100,000 Deductible
  • The deductible is the maximum amount of repairs to be paid by the customer in case of accident.
    10,000 yen and since this amount is less than the deductible amount, the customer’s charge will be the 10,000 yen of the total repair cost. In case the repair cost will exceed 200,000 yen, customer’s charge will pay the maximum amount of 50,000 yen while the other 150,000 yen will be covered by vehicle’s compensation.
  • If the repair price cannot be calculated immediately, we will charge you up to the deductible amount as a deposit, and we will then refund you the amount exceeding the actual repair price.

Important Information

In case of accidents including following conditions, you may not be eligible for insurance and compensation. Please be careful.

  • Unlicensed driving
  • Drunken driving
  • Driving without wearing the helmet
  • Accident caused by driver other than the contractor
  • Neglecting in reporting the accident to the police (in case you cannot obtain verification from the police)
  • Private settlement out of court with the other party without authorization
  • Failure in contacting the departure store (or headquarters) from the accident site
  • When the accident occurs within an unauthorized rental time extension
  • Vehicle damage caused by theft
  • Driving over vehicles permitted capacity
  • Driving out of public roads
  • Costs for repairing damage and corrosion caused by poor usage in tests and competitions, or for towing and boosting other vehicles
  • In case of damage to rental shop’s other vehicles or signboards
  • Accident caused by vehicle operation mistake
  • Accident caused by vehicle operation mistake
  • In case of any violation of the rental agreement
  • Accident that fall under other insurance company exemption clause