Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

If you want to cancel the reservation, please check the Cancellation policy then cancel through Reservations & Inquiries.


1. Cancellation of the bookings for your reason may incur fees as below. If you change any aspect of your booking with accommodations, any changes will be subject to the increase in pricing per room.

Date of cancellationrequest of any change
Count from the day before departure With accommodationsDay tour
1 Cancelling 21days or more before departure No ChargeNo Charge
2 Cancelling 20days or more before departure (exclude3-8) 20% of tour feeNo Charge<
3 Cancelling 10days or more before departure (exclude4-8) 20% of tour fee 20% of tour fee
4 Cancelling 7days or more before departure (exclude5-8) 30% of tour fee 30% of tour fee
5 Cancelling 24hours before departure 40% of tour fee 40% of tour fee
6 Cancelling on the day of departure 50% of tour fee 50% of tour fee
7 No Show-up 100% of tour fee 100% of tour fee
8 Cancelling after departure 100% of tour fee 100% of tour fee

2. When the balance of tour fee is not paid by the appointed date, you will be required to pay cancellation charge as it is listed above.
3. Change of the departure date by you is subject to cancellation fee