Kyoto Scooter Sightseeing Tour

Kyoto city Scooter Tour

More fun and happy sightseeing in Kyoto!
Would you like to tour around Kyoto on a moped, Vespa or big scooter?
Have you ever felt stressed in Kyoto during the tourist season because of the time loss due to traffic jams and queues?
Vespa, or big scooter is surprisingly comfortable and more freedom.
Kyoto Certified Interpreter Guide leads tour. You can participate and enjoy yourself with peace of mind even you are unfamiliar with roads and areas. Our guide selects most recommended places and unique activities for you depending on the season and availabilities.

Experienced tour guide leads You enjoy yourself with peace of mind in unfamiliar roads and areas.

Even narrow local road is not a problem. Sight-seeing bus can’t drive through, but you can by a scooter.

Our tour guide will bring you to not only major tourist spots but hidden spectacular view

You don’t have to worry about time table of public bus and train and stop by your favorite shop on the tour.

※Including tax
※Tour fee is altered by the number of participants. Please inquire.