Personal Information Protection Policy

Leo Tanimoto Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as the company) uses its “Personal Information Protection Management System” to use and protect personal information when proceeding with travel business.

1.Personal Information preserved by the company.

  1. The company will preserve personal information of customers as personal data from customer’s submission for trips.
  2. The company will preserve personal information of job applicants, EMPLOYEES and RETIREES as personal data.

2.The purpose for the usage of personal information

  1. The company and the consignment agents (Hereinafter consignment stores) (Hereinafter referred collectively to as the companies) will use the personal information from customer tour applications to contact customers, inform facilities of transportation and accommodations in arrangement and other necessary processes for customers to receipt the services. (The main transportation and accommodations will be subscribed in the contract)
  2. The companies will provide personal information to facilities of transportation, accommodation and insurance companies for insuring the companies’ contract responsibilities and costs of accidents.
  3. The companies will provide souvenir shops with customers’ names, addresses, passport numbers and flight numbers to make customers have a more convenient shopping experience. The companies will provide personal information by the electronic method in advance.
  4. Besides, the companies will use personal information for introducing commodities and services of the alliance companies, campaigns and commodities of the companies, ask for opinions and thoughts about trips, questionnaires, provision of special service. Personal information will be used in marketing analysis for producing better travel commodities and statistics data also.
  5. The company will use the personal information of job applicants for identity verification, contact with job applicants, and other necessary procedures. About the personal information of employees and retirees, that will be used in contact, inquiry, office work related with human resources.

3.Provide to third parties, Subcontracting

The company will provide the personal information to third parties or subcontract with other companies with personal information in the following situations. The company will be subcontracting with other companies with a non-disclosure agreement to protect personal information and the company will take proper measures on supervision.

  1. Provide the facilities of transportation and accommodation scheduled in the trips with personal information when it is necessary for arrangement or receipt service.
  2. Provide the subcontractor who arranges the facilities of transportation and accommodation in the trips with personal information. (The company have a non-disclosed agreement with the subcontractor)
  3. Provide the insurance company with personal information for insuring the companies’ contract responsibilities and costs of accidents.
  4. Provide the souvenir shops with personal information for a more convenient shopping experience.

4.Usage and limitation of Provision

We will not use the collected information ourselves or provide it to third parties for any purposes other than those described in “2.”

  1. With the consent of the customer
  2. When there is a request for disclosure in accordance with laws and regulations
  3. When there is illegal acts such as unauthorized access, threats, etc.
  4. When disclosing information that is statistically processed and cannot be used to identify individuals.

5.Joint Use of Personal Information

We will share personal information as follows

  1. Items of personal data that may be shared―――Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail Address etc.
  2. Scope of joint users―――MOTO TOURS JAPAN, MOTO TOURS JAPAN KYOTO
  3. Purposes of use by persons who share the use of the information―――Purposes of use as specified in “2.Purposes of Use of Personal Information”
  4. The person responsible for the management of personal data―――Leo Tanimoto, Personal Information Protection Manager

6.Disclosure, Deletion, or Correction of customer’s personal information

Disclosure, modification or correction of customer’s personal information is subject to the following

  1. Disclosure of information: registrant
    (The following includes a legal representative in case the registrant is a minor or an adult ward)
    We will disclose the contents of information by mail only when we recognize the registrant’s identity upon presentation by mail of a personally identifiable document or other evidence that identifies the registrant.
  2. Change/Correction/Deletion: The information will be changed or corrected only when the registrant notifies the company together with his/her reservation number, etc., and the company recognizes the registrant as the person who registered. ※ We may contact the registrant to confirm that the request was made by the registrant him/herself. Specific procedures are available at the following consultation offices.


Disclosure, Modification or Correction of customer’s information is subject to the following

  1. We will not be liable for any damages resulting from the use of any information obtained using customer’s personal information.
  2. We may review and revise our handling of personal information from time to time. All revisions will be posted on our website.
  3. Travel agencies to which we outsource the sale of our organized tours may have different policies regarding the handling of personal information outside of our organized tours, so please check with the sales agent by yourself.

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